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Future activities

NB: All future activities are until further notice put on hold due to the Covid-19 situation. The research network is instead very active on social media, where you can follow us on the links below and on the website with our blog which you can find right here.

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Former activities

April, 9 at SDU, room U64

Seminar by Rikke Schubart

Seminar held by Rikke Schubart:Media and Magical Thinking: Imagining the future (NB: In danish).

April, 25 at The Arctic University of Norway UiT

Public talk by Rikke Schubart: “Women in Horror: What Kills You Makes You Stronger”

Women and horror, once thought an exploitative mix, today is a powerful and feminist cocktail. Learning from fear is adaptive, empowering, and transformative, and attractive to female audiences.
Based on her book Mastering Fear: Women, Emotions, and Contemporary Horror (2018) Rikke Schubart in this talk explores the character Carol in AMC’s The Walking Dead. First part introduces transmedial Carol, second part analyzes Carol in AMC’s show, and third discusses the author’s dialogue with AMC about Carol.

For more information, seethe university's website.


 March, 5th 2019 in Aarhus

Talk by Marc Malmdorf Andersen: Towards a Cognitive Theory of Play

For more information, see his university's website

 October, 15-16 2018 in Copenhagen


Network Meeting

The network had their first joined meeting with partners from Denmark, US and Australia who introduced themselves, developed the beginning of a shared understanding and theory of the fantastic and planned the network's future work.

For full version PowerPoint from the meeting, click here.

For short version PowerPoint from the meeting, click here. 

For more information, please contact:

Rikke Schubart