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Writing to Learn, Learning to Write

Why this project?

 Writing is a key skill in today’s society. An important backdrop for this is the technological development in communication that has fundamentally altered the nature and practice of writing and has brought with it a dramatic increase in the spread and significance of writing.

There is a call to know what this means for the individual in the context of a learner biography and how the challenge is met at subject and educational levels. The purpose of the present project is to shed light on these questions by means of a qualitative study of writing in upper secondary education, where studies that take a longitudinal student perspective are linked to studies in central subjects.

The aim is to create new knowledge about students’ ways of learning subjects through writing and of learning writing through subjects and to examine the ways in which they develop writing skills through their upper secondary education. The project is the first major Danish research initiative in writing, and the organisational aim is to establish a centre for writing research at an international level.





Last Updated 27.09.2016