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Narrative Medicine

Narrative Medicine - An Elective Course in Master’s Program for Health Professionals

The elective course is aimed at nurses, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, midwives, and students in the health professional master’s program with an interest in literature, narratives and creativity.


The course is organized as presentations for new knowledge, open discussions, and critical reflections by researchers from the Department for the Study of Culture and the Department of Language and Communication and by medical researchers from the Department of Clinical Medicine and the Department of Health Services Research. A material has been selected from articles and fiction texts which will be read as preparation for the individual courses – collected in the text anthology Enhver sygdom er en fortælling (Every illness is a narrative) (2021) and in the research anthology Narrativ medicin i uddannelse og praksis (Narrative Medicine in Education, Practice and Interventions) (Gads Forlag 2021/Anthem Press 2022)). Academic articles are thus discussed, ongoing research projects are presented, fiction texts are read closely and several exercises with creative writing are made. The students must also give a presentation in small groups on the clinical relevance of the topic in question for their own practice. Oral feedback is given from the teachers in the teaching, and the students are encouraged to comment on each other's close reading of texts as well as presentations on clinical relevance



Last Updated 21.02.2024