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Narrative Medicine

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Cindie Maagaard on narrative medicine to improve clinical outcomes in Denmark 

December 30, 2021, podcast: 

Listen to it here


Lecture: Rita Charon at the Uses of Literature online conference

November, 2021: Short excerpt from Rita Charon's lecture at the Uses of Literature online conference in November 2021.  


"How is Narrative Medicine an Interdisciplinary Practice?"

September 12, 2019, University of Southern Denmark - excerpt from a keynote by Professor Rita Charon from Columbia University during the seminar "Narrative Medicine in Denmark: how can literary texts and methods improve the education of physicians and health care professionals?"


"Narrative medicine - How studying literary fiction and creative writing can contribute to healthcare professionals education and the rehabilitation of chronically ill people."

25 September 2018, Copenhagen - lecture by Anders Juhl Rasmussen, Associate Professor of Narrative Medicine, Department of Cultural Studies, SDU.



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