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Narrative Medicine

The authors' experiences

New perspective on creative writing ...


The Danish author Trisse Gejl is one of the authors behind the writing workshops that have been held by the University of Southern Denmark. Trisse Gejl tells here what her experience is with facilitating creative writing workshops for people living with a serious, chronic illness.


What competence does an author need to be able to facilitate a writing workshop?

“The author who leads the writing workshop must be a professional with a certain production and experience behind him/her, and at the same time have teaching experience in creative writing. It is important that he /she can read the process and not just the product, meaning that there is always a potential in a text, no matter the level of quality. It may not have been redeemed yet.
Quietness may occur  in a group, but not silence. The author uses all his primary experience to see through the text, see through structures, special markers, what does the text want? And it is precisely the text and the text's I / voice, not an original private template behind the text, the author relates to and helps the other participants to give constructive comments.”

Last Updated 21.02.2024