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Narrative Medicine

The experiences of healthcare professionals

Supportive and actively participating ...

The role of the healthcare professional in the  writing workshop is first and foremost to be a supportive resource and help the participants if they need professional support during the writing workshop.

My participation helped to make it an equal space in relation to the writing workshop's context. And I was the one whom the citizen could confidently approach, for example in need of clarifying questions. If there was a need for special consideration for a citizen, I could be the spokesperson.” - Healthcare professional


Experience has shown that it is appropriate if the Healthcare professional actively participates in the writing workshop together with the participants. This helps to create the best dynamics and a safe environment.

  “I chose to run a style where the focus was on positive experiences / topics in relation to what I wrote. My personal space had the twist of something light, cheerful and colorful; this quite deliberately. I did not write anything that I would not have been able to read in Ekstrabladet [Danish newspaper] the next day without problems. ” - Healthcare Professionel 



The personal, private and professional space

The healthcare professional's participation helps to create a closer relationship between the healthcare professional and participants. The healthcare professional must thus be able to navigate the personal, private and professional space. In order to maintain the professional distance between healthcare professional and participant, it is important that the healthcare professional  has in mind that he /she actively chooses which stories he /she wants to share during the writing workshop.

The balance was not difficult; it came quite naturally. I showed as much as I wanted; constantly keeping an eye on what happened in the room with the citizens. ” - Healthcare professional
A Healthcare professional who has previously participated in writing workshops for citizens in alcohol treatment, states:
“It was enriching to experience some citizens' resources in formulating themselves. It was a good experience to see the citizens recognize each other as something completely natural. I made very surprising discoveries regarding the abilities and enthusiasm of some citizens. I saw completely different sides of the citizens than what I was used to from conversations in Alcohol Treatment. It was fun and educational for me ”


Last Updated 21.02.2024