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SDU Political History Group

Political history has traditionally been a central concern of historical scholarship and remain a focal interest at the Department of History. We work with a broad approach to political history. Political history is about more than stories of great events or tales of iconic figures. It is also about processes of structural change, and about how politics has affected ordinary people’s everyday lives. We are therefore not only interested in politics as something that happens in formal institutions; we are also interested in understanding “the political” in a broader sense, including what forms “the political” takes in different contexts and how it relates to other spheres. The department’s research on political history addresses major themes such as war, climate, capitalism, colonialism, states, democracy, culture, and families, and everything in between. We work with many periods, but chronologically the main focus is on modern and contemporary history. Geographically, we have specialists in several areas, from local history to Danish history, to Nordic, European, American, British, and international history.

We support individual research projects in political history as well as major collaborative projects within and across the Department of History’s research centres: 

The SDU Political History Group aims to create and maintain a supportive and dynamic intellectual forum for scholars with a common interest in political history.

Heads of Programme

Associate Professor Jesper Majbom Madsen
(+45) 65502134

Assistant Professor Christian Damm Pedersen
(+45) 65508382

Last Updated 15.02.2024