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The Study of Religion at the University of Southern Denmark

The Study of Religion forms a part of the Humanities and it comprises comparative and historical studies of the large, organized religions and their history, and of all key aspects of religion broadly understood, in the past as well as in the present. This includes new and alternative religious movements and milieus, religion in the media and popular culture, in literature and film, and religion in the state and school, and it includes all types of religious transformations in various historical epochs and societies. The study of religion utilizes a wide variety of theoretical perspectives and methods, from historical, philological and phenomenological approaches, to literary perspectives and cultural studies, sociological, anthropological and media theoretical approaches.

The research staff employed with the Section for the Study of Religion with the Department of History are the following:



Name research staff E-mail
Aktor, Mikael Associate professor
Christiansen, Johanne Louise Assistant professor
Feldt, Laura Associate professor
Hammer, Olav Professor
Jensen, Tim Associate professor
Reeh, Niels Associate professor  
Rothstein, Mikael Associate professor

Last Updated 16.08.2019