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Line Mex-Jørgensen

This project explores ways in which Egyptian university students imagine the good life and construct meaningful modern selfhoods in everyday life in contemporary Egypt.

The project is guided by the hypothesis that competing imaginaries about the good life among Egyptian university students can be understood as an intra-generational conflict between elements of first and second modernity and their related types of subjectivity. The project combines poststructuralist approaches to modern subjectivity formation or identity construction with an anthropological everyday life approach to moral and political philosophy. The project will make contributions to our knowledge on Arab society and on collectively shared understandings of how society is and should be constituted. It will, thus, at the same time contribute to outlining possible future directions of Egypt’s social transformation. It will complement mainstream approaches to studying societal change and social order and it will challenge the presumed exclusiveness of Western modernity.

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Last Updated 16.08.2016