Gry Hvass Pedersen

My PhD project belongs to the research project “Modernity, Islamic Traditions and the Good Life:
Exploring the Construction of Meaningful Modern Muslim Selfhoods” anchored at the Centre for Contemporary Middle East Studies and directed by the Head of the Centre, Professor Dietrich Jung.

My sub-project explores the construction of modern Muslim subjectivities among Muslim university students at international Islamic universities in Asia. More precisely, the project investigates into the various ways in which young Muslim university students construct modern selfhoods as well as it explores the role of the universities in these processes of subjectivity formation. My research draws on theories of globalization, higher education as a world system, poststructuralist approaches to modern subjectivity formation and theories on multiple modernities and will empirically be based on extensive field work at two international Islamic universities in Asia.

The project aims at making original contributions to both conceptual discussions on modernity in social theory and our knowledge of modern Muslim societies. More specifically, it attempts to provide new insights to the ongoing scholarly discussion about multiple modernities and wants to enhance our knowledge about the construction of Islamic forms of social order and individual identities in the modern world.

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