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(Line Mex-Jørgensen, University of Southern Denmark)

This project is an inquiry into the construction of modern subjectivities, emerging from the Arab Revolutions in 2011, in particular in relation to the Egyptian Revolution. Instead of putting its focus on the revolution as a transformation of a political system, this project addresses the revolution as an event for the emergence of new social imaginaries in the everyday life of Egyptians. Theoretically speaking, the project takes its point of departure in elements of theories of modernity, subjectivity and ordinary life. In this way, the project aims at showing, on an individual and everyday life level, which notions of the good life and of the good society have been associated with these revolutionary events and their aftermath. The project draws on various primary sources in Arabic related to the revolution, thus making so far unused Arabic sources available for a non-Arabic speaking audience.

Last Updated 08.12.2017