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Political History

Political history has traditionally been a central concern of historical scholarship and this continues to be the case at the Department of History. At the moment researchers at the department specialize in Danish, Nordic, German, British, Russian, Eastern European, Russian, American, Middle Eastern and International political history. Chronologically the main focus is on modern and contemporary history.

Research activities within the group is conducted both individually and and within the reserach centres at the deparment: Centre for Contemporary Middle East Studies, Centre for Cold War Studies, Center for American Studies, Centre for Maritime and Business History and Centre for Welfare State Research.

The core ambition of the research group is to create and maintain a dynamic scholarly environment for political history that draws on individual areas of expertise and cuts across the activities of the existing research centers.

Head of Programme
Associate Professor  Heidi Vad Jønsson 
tlf: 6550 9056



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Last Updated 29.04.2020