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Centre for American Studies
Research on the cultures, politics, literatures, and traditions of the United States

Centre for Cold War Studies
Research focused on Modern Military History, International Politics, the Cultural History of the Cold War, and Secret Service Activities

Center for Maritim- og Erhvervshistorie
Research in relation to history of industry, history of technology, history of trade, political history, maritime history, regional history as well as history of tourism and culture (only in Danish)

Centre for Medieval Literature
Basic research in Medieval Literature

Centre for Contemporary Middle East Studies
Research in the relations and developments of the modern Middle East, defined as the area bounded by Morocco in the west, Iran in the east, Turkey in the north and Sudan in the south

Centre for Medieval Studies
Current focus areas range from British medieval studies to theatre history, folk literature and culture, history of the crusades, monastic history, Latin, Byzantine, and Gothic studies to physical anthropology and DNA studies

Danish Centre for Welfare Studies (DaWS) (former Centre for Welfare State Research)
Interdisciplinary research into the Welfare State

Last Updated 25.05.2020