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Design Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurship During Crisis






My research is dedicated to the exploration of two major topics, design entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship during crisis.

Design and design thinking are unique and abductive innovative approaches to launching and developing entrepreneurial processes. Designers are known to reshape tumultuous and wicked problems into new value-creating opportunities. I study how design and design thinking facilitate the entrepreneur and intrapreneurial manager in decoding complex problems, solving problems, and making new strategies and opportunities emerge. The core of my research is how to address entrepreneurial problems in various contextual settings (e.g. startups, SMV succession, teaching, sustainability) in the same ways designers work with problem-solving and innovation in the design process. I also address topics such as design-driven co-creation and co-creation management.

Major crisis, such as the coronavirus pandemic or the financial crisis 2007/2008, represent danger and opportunity. Armed with the hope of playing a role in helping entrepreneurs and small firms to get through or even capitalize on a crisis, I explore the role of entrepreneurship during crisis. I am interested in topics such as crisis strategies, crises preparedness, and how crisis creates entrepreneurial opportunities.

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