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Development unit

IER Development – supporting researchers and international collaboration, project development and project coordination at the Department of Entrepreneurship and Relationship Management at SDU in Kolding and Sønderborg.

International research and development collaboration

We have a long tradition of successful international research and development collaboration with research colleagues from all around the world. We always find it interesting to work with other researchers and learn from different approaches and methods. If you are interested in a project collaboration with us, please do not hesitate to contact IER Development or the researcher specialized in your field of interest.

The unit's work

The unit's work is characterized by data collection and data processing through collaboration and interaction with researchers and various internal and external partners. Furthermore, the Development Unit assists with facilitation of processes, development of new projects as well as development of - and knowledge sharing through events, workshops, etc. The unit also supports the University of Southern Denmark's general interaction with companies and organizations.

Point of contact

Please contact Lone Toftild at IER Development at or at +45 65501392.

The Development Unit

First Name Last NameTitlePhoneE-mail
Majbritt Rostgaard Evald Development Manager at IER Development 65501315 
Lone F. Toftild Manager IER development 65501392 
Tina Højrup Kjær Communications Officer 65501390 
Katrine Pedersen Project Coordinator  
Jane Petersen Project Coordinator  
Cæcilie Østergaard Knudstorp Project Coordinator 65508695