The Institute is characterised by collaboration and research projects cross-cutting the three research groups, with a particular emphasis on three strategic areas of action (spearheads):

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Relationship Mangement

  • Design & Innovation

... all of which add knowledge to both international research and management practices in private and public companies 

There is a critical mass of research within the three spearheads, comparable to other environments, nationally and internationally, and the Institute's research is at an internationally high level. Each of the spearheads have a manager who works on developing the spearhead area concerned.

--> Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship research is based on entrepreneurial processes focused on networks, female entrepreneurs, intrapreneurship, consulting, spin-offs and social networks.

The aim is to continue developing theories and play an active role as a knowledge resource in the region, as well as at national and international level.

--> Relationship Management

The Institute's focus on relationship management is significant and there are no similar environments in Denmark.

The basic research topics are management, business development and business models, innovation in business networks, management and development of networks, businesses and clusters, and research contributes to the development of management theories and management tools across companies and organisations and public-private innovation.

--> Design and Innovation

Design and Innovation is under construction and is expected to have a significant role at the Institute in the future. The venture is taking place in close interaction with SDU Design. Work is being done on the fronts of design management, design thinking and strategic design.

In order to establish the this area of research, research funds will be attracted in the coming years and a strong research group will be established at both SDU Design and IER.