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PhD Projects

The following employees are currently working with PhD projects

Steffen Paust
The Role of Prototyping in Entrepreneurial Processes

Suphitcha Ek-uru
'The influence of online social support on entrepreneurs' opportunity evaluation - an emotional journey

Victoria Baagøe-Engels
Ambidextrous Operation and Maintance capabilities in offshore Wind Cluster

Finished PhD projects

2023 Sadia Soltani
Internet of Things engagement

2020 Juan Miguel Munoz-Penas
Qualifying private firm’s commercialization efforts through stakeholder interactions

2020 Merce Bonjorn Dalma
Supporting Service Innovation through Design Thinking: the case of eHealth company developing a Technology Solution for Cancer Rehabilitation

2020 Kiki Mikkelsen
End-user co-creation in business networks

2019 Morten Brinch
- Conceptualization and Value Creation of Big Data in Supply Chain Management. A Business Process Perspective

2019 Steffen Muxoll Bastholm
- Strategic challenges for the purchasing function in a networked business landscape

2019 Wafa Said Mosleh
- Emergence, Tangibility and Power: Participatory Innovation as a Complex Process of Social Relating

2018 Ivan Martinez Neri
- Supply chain integration in project manufacturing environments. The case of the offshore wind farm construction sector

2018 Jakob Jin Schlichter201
- ERP systems and performance in SMEs

2017 Anne Gramtorp (no folder)

2017 Christopher Rajkumar
- Towards a theory of Sourcing Innovation. Conceptualization, antecedents and performance implications

2017 Lone Dalkjær Kavin
- Supply Network Enabled Innovation within a Non-repetitive Manufacturing Context. Empirical and Theoretical Investigations

2017 Maryam Cheraghi
- Age effect on entry into entrepreneurship. Influenced by differences in gender-egalitarianism, life-expectancy and occupation

2017 Rikke Holmslykke Kristensen
- Auditors’ Materiality Judgments. an Institutional Logics Perspective

2017 Shayegheh Ashourizadeh
- Discuss how dual embeddedness, liability of foreignness and institutional distance effect the performance of immigrant businesses

2017 Winie Evers
- Participatory & designerly ways of co-creating business model transformation. Quasi-experimental Phenomenographic Action Research

2016 Bo Mortensen
- Selling Through Visual and Tangible Representations: Perspectives from the Danish advdvertising industry, B2B selling, and co-design

2016 Helle Aarøe Nissen
- The role of institutional logics during commercialization processes. A study of how private firms draw on multiple logics in healthcare to commercialize innovative welfare solutions

2016 Jesper Raalskov
- Accounting for Talent in the Banking Profession. Defining and Reporting Talent Resources

2016 Kirsten Frandsen
- Business Relationships and Relationship value: A casestudy of value perceptions in a customer-supplier relationship

2015 Annelie Tallig
- Intellectual Capital and Knowledge Processes: Impact on High-Technology Start-Ups’ Performance

2014 Mette Søgaard Nielsen
- Give and Gain – How, Why and When People Provide Support to Entrepreneurs

2014 Pia Geisby Erichsen
- Design Integration – a theoretical and empirical study of design integration in small and medium sized Danish companies

2013 Jesper Kronborg Jensen (in Danish)
- Udvikling af miljømæssigt bæredygtige fødevareforsyningskæder

2013 Mads Bruun Ingstrup
- The role of cluster facilitators in facilitating clusters: Empirical and theoretical investigations

2013 Pia Schou Nielsen (in Danish)
- Organisering af lokal iværksætterpolitik – et studie på tværs af de Danske kommuner

2012 Pia Storvang (in Danish)
- Brugerinddragelse i byggeriet – Med særlig fokus på det arkitekttegnede boligbyggeri

2012 Susanne Wiatr Borg (in Danish)
- Konceptualiseringer af en relationsorienteret B2B salgsproces – og et eksplorativt studie af Neuro-Lingvistisk Programmerings rolle i denne

2012 Søren Graungaard Pedersen (in Danish)
- Strategi i små og mellemstore virksomheder – En nuanceret forståelse af implementering

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