PhD Projects

The following employees are currently working with PhD Projects

  • Anne Gramtorp
    Relationen mellem motivation og vækstopfattelse hos SMV-ledere
  • Christopher Rajkumar
    Towards a theory of sourcing innovation: conceptualization, antecedents and performance implications
  • Ivan Neri
    Supply Chain Innovation in the Offshore Wind Industry
  • Janni Grouleff Nielsen
    Representing and managing social value creation: a study of performance measurement in a philanthropic organization
  • Jakob Schlichter
    IT systems and performance in young small and medium sized firms
  • Kiki Mikkelsen
    End-user co-creation in business networks
  • Lone Kavin
    Value Creating Activities’ Impact on Innovation Within Supply Chain Network Structure and Industrial Technological Development
  • Maryam Cheraghi
    Age effect on entrepreneurship from life-span and life course perspective (In consideration of youth entrepreneurship)
  • Morten Brinch
    Big Data and Operation & Maintenance in the Offshore Wind Energy Sector   
  • Shayegheh Ashourizadeh
    Immigrant Entrepreneurs` Innovation in Institutional Contexts: Investigating the Functions of Entrepreneurial Capitals  
  • Steffen Muxoll Bastholm
    Udvikling af indkøbsfunktionens opgaver og kapabiliteter, når virksomhedens rolle og positionering i netværket løbende ændrer sig
  • Thorsten Søgaard Krægpøth
    Dynamic supply chain design
  • Toby Ugonna Ogbonna
    Effects and Barriers to Inter-Firm Collaboration and Knowledge Transfer in Business Networks
  • Victoria Baagøe-Engels
    Ambidextrous Operation and Maintance capabilities in offshore Wind Cluster

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