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Annual Report 2000/2001

THEME: Small Businesses' Internationalization

"It is often said that when one has had success, the hardest thing is to find someone that is happy for you. This annual report focuses on the start-up of own company and the ability to survive in the longer run.

Interestingly it looks like that Danish entrepreneurs are both potent and virile. Thus according to Klyver it seems that entrepreneurship activity, entrepreneurship culture, the motivation for start-up and the overall innovation ability are not in such a bad state. Bøegh Nielsen varies the image a little through data from the entrepreneurship database, which shows that especially the entrepreneur's trade knowledge, age and business education are of significance to survival."

Extract of the preface from CESFO's Annual Report 2000/2001 CESFO's Report Series no. IV

Read the report here or request a printed copy from the secretariat 
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