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Annual Report 1996/1997

THEME: CESFO - This Year

"Annual Report 1996/97 is number 2 in the series of annual reports from the Centre for Small Business Studies (CESFO). With this annual report CESFO marks that more than a year has passed since the first annual report was published.

When CESFO was established some serious aims were set for;
- strengthening research in entrepreneurship and small companies special terms
- strengthening research at Southern Denmark Business School and in the southern region

These aims have been very significant to the centre's activities. How close we are to achieve these aims is for others to assess.  However, CESFO has formed the framework for a significant number of research, communication and instruction activities."

Extract of the preface from CESFO's Annual Report 1996/1997 

Unfortunately, this report does not exist in PDF-format, but contact CESFO's secretariat on +45 6550 1356 or if you would like to request a printed copy.  
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