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Annual Report 1995/1996

THEME: Taste of Research Contributions

"The Centre for Small Business Studies (CESFO) was established on January 1st 1995. Thus this is the report for the first business year 1995/96.

The basis for and the purpose of establishing CESFO can be summed up in two items:
- To strengthen the Danish research contribution to entrepreneurship and small companies' special terms, organization and managerial conditions
- To create a coherent research environment at the Southern Denmark Business School to benefit the entire southern region and strengthen the instruction at the Southern Denmark Business School"

Extract of the preface from CESFO's Annual Report 1995/1996

Unfortunately, this report does not exist in PDF-format, but contact CESFO's secretariat on +45 6550 1356 or if you would like to request a printed copy.  
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