Marketing and Supply Chain

Business-to-Business Marketing & Supply Chain Management (B2B&SCM)

The group focuses on enterprises’ network and supply chain.

Leader of the researchgroup is Professor Per Vagn Freytag.

Focus and field of research

The research group Business-to-Business Marketing & Supply Chain Management (B2B&SCM) focuses on enterprises’ network and supply chain. The group focuses broadly on various industries and business sizes, but small and medium-sized enterprises’ challenges and possibilities is of essential importance to our research.

In general, our aim is to contribute to the international business economic research on how firms seek to gain competitive advantages in their inter- and intra-organisational relationships. The assumption is that the most appropriate positioning of a firm in a network, and thus the foundation for success regarding competitive advantages, can be obtained through a combination of cooperative and competitive strategies.

Further, a distinctive feature of the research group is our interest in the foundation of markets and the importance of the derived demand for developing networks and supply chain, and the interaction and coordination between enterprises’ purchasing and sales activities.

Examples of core research areas within business marketing are relationship management, business clusters, business development, design and innovation, as well as networks. Within supply chain management the key areas are in and outsourcing, strategic sourcing, operations management and supply chain innovation.

Research method

The B2B&SCM group employs a range of different types of research methods. They are all based on extensive literature reviews that contribute to identify knowledge gaps and with it the basis for positioning our specific research. Further, quantitative methods are used, e.g. for describing more overall patterns and development trends in and across industries, supply chains and network.

Different qualitative methods are also used (the qualitative interview, action research, and case studies), and to some extent we contribute to developing qualitative research methods.

Interaction and collaboration with businesses and other players are essential for our research and so, new methodologies and specific methods that can be applied in connection with facilitation of various kinds of courses and workshops are constantly developed.


It is important to us that our research has practical relevance and that it benefits our key stakeholders. Therefore, we attach importance to different ways of dissemination such as workshops, seminars, knowledge exchange and articles in the press, trade journals, etc.

Educational activities

The research group contributes to a wide range of different educational activities at different levels. Thus, we offer courses at bachelor, post-graduate, master, and PhD level as well as courses for the Graduate Diploma programmes. Courses offered are within the fields of marketing and supply chain as well as within the areas of theory of science, scientific method, and design.

When teaching we assign great weight to imparting knowledge at a high level reflecting the latest knowledge available. Especially, we make a point of involving the student actively through practical examples, cases, company contracts, etc.

The objective is to ensure that the courses offered provide the student with the ability to understand, analyse and act in relation to practical issues rooted in a strong theoretical basis.

Business-to-Business Marketing and Supply Chain Management

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Per Vagn Freytag Professor 65501380 
Anne-Mette Hjalager Professor 65504220 
Jan Stentoft Professor 65501370 
Ian Wilkinson Adjunct Professor  
Kristin B. Munksgaard Professor WSR 65501467 
Britta Boyd Associate Professor 65501756 
Ann Højbjerg Clarke Associate Professor 65501361 
Anna Marie Dyhr Ulrich Associate Professor 65501775 
Susanne  Gretzinger Associate Professor 65501753 
Svend Hollensen Associate Professor 65501218 
Mads Bruun Ingstrup Associate Professor 65501329 
Henry Larsen Associate Professor 65501648 
Ole Stegmann Mikkelsen Associate Professor 65501491 
Kristian Philipsen Associate Professor 65501376 
Pia Storvang Associate Professor 65501493 
Elin Brandi Sørensen Associate Professor 65501363 
Thorkild Knudsen Teaching Associate Professor 65501428 
Roberto Mora Cortez Assistant Professor  
Morten Brinch Postdoc 65501426 
Bo Mortensen Postdoc 65501461 
Sadia Soltani PhD Student  
Victoria Baagøe-Engels Industrial PhD Student 65507675