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Entrepreneurship and Organization

The research group broadly focuses on entrepreneurial and organisational issues experienced by start-ups, firms, and organisations. Often, the research conducted circulates on discovering, creating, evaluating, and organising for new opportunities. We are interested in organisational and sociological understandings of how start-ups, firms and organizations form, develop, and change individually as well as through collaboration. In the subject field of Nascent Entrepreneurship we for instance focus on individuals’ start-up decisions as well as firm emergence, creation, and early growth. In the subject field of Corporate Entrepreneurship we for instance focus on all types of innovations such as products, processes, services, and strategic renewal taking place within and between organisations. And in the subject field of SMEs we for instance focus is on those organisational and managerial challenges SMEs experience when maintaining, changing, developing, and growing businesses.

Head of Research

Associate professor Majbritt Rostgaard Evald.

Entrepreneurship and Organization

First Name Last NameTitlePhoneE-mail
Kim Klyver Professor 65501463 
Poul Rind Christensen Professor emeritus 65507541 
Benson Honig Adjunct Professor  
Majbritt Rostgaard Evald Associate Professor 65501315 
Anders Haug Associate Professor 65501350 
Simon Jebsen Associate Professor 65501748 
Daniela Maresch Associate Professor 65501955 
Mette Søgaard Nielsen Associate Professor 65501479 
Suna Løwe Nielsen Associate Professor 65501468 
Jesper Piihl Associate Professor 65501359 
Martin Senderovitz Associate Professor 65509162 
Marianne Storgaard Associate Professor 65501394 
Kent Adsbøll Wickstrøm Associate Professor 65501365 
Steen Thielsen Teaching Associate Professor 65501464 
Thomas Schøtt Associate Professor emeritus 65501458 
Jesper Raalskov Assistant Professor 65501372 
Jens Smed Rasmussen Teaching Assistant Professor 65501384 
Emma Perriton Postdoc  
Steffen Paust PhD Student  65507539 


Last Updated 27.08.2021