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Tourism reflects our society, understanding of self, and others. This makes tourism subject to socio-cultural and business studies.

Tourism education and research focus on tourism as a phenomenon, which is addressed from multi-disciplinary perspectives, notable within the humanities and social sciences. The following presents a brief outline of tourism education and research.

Tourism reflects society, our understanding of self and others. This opens up for investigations of tourism as a cultural phenomenon. Tourism is also a global business, which despite financial crisis, enjoys continued growth internationally and sustains millions of jobs. Economic impacts generated by tourism are unparalleled. Enhanced mobility also leads to socio-cultural and environmental problems at the local destination as well globally.  

Tourism researchers at the Department of Design and Communication (DDC) are specifically oriented towards sustainable development. A range of complex questions arise, despite tourism’s growth potential and contribution to business development. How can tourism help sustain the environment, cultures and the economy? How can innovative products and services generate memorable tourist experiences, and enhance quality of life for those involved in tourism at the local level? These are some of the key questions which students will be exposed to, understand and help develop answers to in our tourism programmes.

We offer a Bachelor degree, entitled Negot. in International Tourism and Leisure Management, and a Master programme, Cand. Negot. in International Tourism and Leisure Management. The prestigious, Erasmus Mundus accredited master programme, European Master in Tourism Management (EMTM) is offered in collaboration with the University on Ljubljana, Slovenia and the University of Girona, Spain.

Tourism researchers at DDC are organised in the Centre for Tourism, Innovation and Culture (TIC) and SDU Design. We are also part of the national association for tourism Researchers in Denmark (TiD).

In addition to education and research activities, we are deeply engaged in collaboration with the tourism industry and its organisations in Denmark and internationally. We have developed an award winning innovation platform, and conducted a range of research and competence development projects with local, national, and international partners. You can read more about our activities and student projects at the TIC website Following the move to Campus Kolding we are in the process of developing a new research strategy which will aim to cultivate research collaboration with design activities at DDC, SDU Design, and the Department of Social Sciences.

Centre for Tourism, Innovation and Culture

Our researchers are working with tourism co-design and UNESCO World Heritage Sites, just to mention a few research areas.

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Research Programme

Tourism research has its own programme