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Learning to speak charismatically is not trivial, but Oliver Niebuhr explains how to master this tricky task at ease in a german video tutorial. Nathalie Schümchen contributed all illustrations.

Teaching German modal particles - Small words with an important function

This teaching material aims at explaining the function of an elusive but frequently used group of German words, namely so-called modal particles. These small words give an utterance different shadings of meaning, for example, "Das hat ja geklappt!" (appr. That worked, as you and I know) - "Das hat doch geklappt!" (appr. That worked, after all) - "Das hat aber geklappt!" (appr. But that worked). The exact contribution of modal particles is very difficult to translate into other languages and their readings seem to depend to a large extent on the contexts in which they occur. However, their meanings can in fact be taught; we use illustrations and examples from authentic situations to explain the basic function of modal particles in a step-by-step manner. We also added some exercises that illustrate how to use modal particles successfully.

Language used in the material: German. Level: Middle to advanced learners. The material can be download here.

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