Randomly assign participants to different conditions

In one survey, I had two conditions that I wanted to test with separate groups of participants. In order to achieve an unbiased distribution of conditions one and two, they had to be assigned randomly to participants.

This is how you do:
- Before you divide the survey into different conditions (e.g. when you have a common ‘demographics’ part before the division), add a new question and name it “randnumber”
- Change the question type to “Equation”
- In the question field, write {rand(1,2)} (in the case of two conditions; if you have more, adapt the number accordingly)
- In order to assign your subsequent questions/question groups to your conditions, go to your first question that should be assigned a condition
- Click “set conditions”
- Under “Previous Question”, click on “randnumber”
- Select the tab “Constant” and type in the number of the condition you would like to assign the question to
- Hit “Add condition” (sometimes you have to do it twice in order for it to register)



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