Embed audio files in questions

For one survey, participants had to match the visualization of an intonation contour to the correct phonetic realization. The setup of the question looks something like this:

 In order to accomplish this, do the following:
- Make sure that your audio file(s) are uploaded somewhere on the Internet (I had mine in a cloud and used the “share link” function. For other options, check out )
- Add a new question
- Set the question type to “List (radio)” (other types are possible, check out the links below)

- “save and close” and, back in “Question summary”, click on “Edit answer options” and insert the following code into as many lines as you need:

<audio controls autoplay>
<source src="" type="audio/wav">


(remove “autoplay” if you don’t want your audio to start automatically)[1]


- Replace the part highlighted in red with the source of your own audio file (see above – I used the “share link” function of a cloud service)
- Do the same for all answer options you need

In the finished survey, your participants can now listen to the audio files and select one of them (depending on your question type).



[1] From

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