April 2017

Kerstin visits Stanford to work with Herbert H. Clarck on 'how robots become social actors'.

March 2017

Kerstin presents poster at Human-Robot Interaction (HRI) conference in Vienna, Austria. [.pdf]

November 2016

Lars visited the Intelligent and Interactive Systems group at the University of Innsbruck to setup and carry out joint experiments in the third hand project.

October 2016

Lars visited the Multibody & Mechanics group at  Vrije Universiteit Brussel to setup and carry out joint experimens

Kerstin Fischer and Lars Christian Jensen each gave a talk at Robophilosophy at Aarhus University.

June 2016

Franziska Kirstein from Blue Ocean Robotics presents the HRI-Lab Sønderborg at Robobusiness Europe.

Kerstin Fischer is giving a talk at the UK Robotics week at Plymouth University

May 2016

We now have two Pleos in the lab!


Demonstration video of the EZ-Robot with the iCub tutor spotter. Watch it here.

 March 2016

Kerstin Fischer gave a talk with Franziska Kirstein at the Human-Robot Interaction Conference in Christchurch, NZ on types of robot control for programming by demonstration

Ph.D. student Lars Christian Jensen was on Danish radio P4 and P1 to talk about the project Improving Second Language Pedagogy at the Prosody-Grammar-Pragmatics Interface Using Human-Robot Interaction.

 January 2016

Kerstin Fischer and Lars Christian Jensen each gave a video talk at a public IRCA(Innovation  Research Cluster Alsion) event. Kerstin talks about the kind of work we do at the HRI-Lab; this talk can be seen here. Lars talked about a study we carried out the lab using our two keepon robots; his talk can be seen here.


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