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December 2019

Kerstin Fischer, Oliver Niebuhr, Rosalyn M. Langedijk and Selina Eisenberger present joint work in the talk I shall know you by your voice – Melodic and physical dominance in the design of robot voices at the SEFOS 1. International Seminar on the Foundations of Speech – Breathing, Pausing, and Voice at SDU Sonderborg.


October 2019

Rosalyn Langedijk visits the Fraunhofer IPA in Stuttgart to carry out experiments at an elderly care facility with the Care-O-bot4.

Kerstin Fischer is invited keynote speaker at the Conference by the Israel Association for Theoretical Linguistics with a talk on Doing Linguistics Using Robots.

September 2019

Kerstin Fischer, Rosalyn Langedijk, Oskar Palinko & Eduardo Ruiz Ramírez carry out experiments with the Smooth robot at Alsion in Sonderborg, offering water to people attending events at the concert hall and during lunch.

August 2019

Kerstin Fischer presents joint work with Herbert H. Clark (Stanford) on “Explaining Anthropomorphism” at the Insor Project meeting in Kaløvig, Denmark.

June 2019

Kerstin Fischer, Oliver Niebuhr, Jaap Ham (TU Eindhoven) and Annette Leßmöllmann (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology) co-organize a panel on "What Influences Influence: What makes utterances persuasive?" at the 16th International Conference of Pragmatics in Hong Kong. Rosalyn M. Langedijk presents "Personalization of social proof in a health-related context" in which she reports on experiments with a Smooth robot prototype in the Living Lab in Sønderborg. Kerstin Fischer reports on human-robot interaction experiments in which she and Lars C. Jensen tested the effects of referring to the shared context on the persuasiveness of utterances. Oliver Niebuhr presents results on the effects of charismatic speech.

May 2019

Master student Louise Jakobsen carries out experiments in a local primary school with Lars C. Jensen on the interplay between robot design and behavior.

April 2019

Kerstin Fischer and Kristian Mortensen with one of the ‘Stanford Autonomous Cars’ on Stanford Campus

Kerstin Fischer and Kristian Mortensen with one of the Stanford Autonomous Cars on Stanford Campus.

Rosalyn M. Langedijk presents a talk at Forskningens Døgn "Robots in Elderly Care - How can we get the elderly to drink more". This was also part of Sønderborg Ungdoms Science Parlament.

Rosalyn Melissa Langedijk participates at Persuasive Technology Conference in Limassol, Cyprus.

Master students Janne Elise Pedersen, Emil Petersen and Mads Grønne Bärenholdt carry out experiments with Lars C. Jensen on situation awareness in HRI.

Master students Karen Lise Kragelund, Pernille Thestrup Johannesen and Jacqueline Steinhilber carry out experiments with Lars C. Jensen on using robots to teach English to first grade students.

Master student Johanna Behnke carries out an online study in which she carries out (under the supervision of Lars C. Jensen) a linguistic analysis of how people respond to chatbots in an interview scenario.

March 2019

Kerstin Fischer visits the Honda Research Institute Japan in Tokyo.

Kerstin Fischer visits the Honda Research Institute Japan in Tokyo.

Kerstin Fischer and ASIMO (Advanced Step in Innovative Mobility), a humanoid robot created by Honda. 

Kerstin Fischer delivers a keynote lecture in the Workshop on "Expressivity and Longterm Engagement" at the International Conference on Human-Robot Interaction in Daegu, Korea.

Kerstin Fischer presenting at Daegu conference, Korea

Kerstin Fischer at the International Conference on Human-Robot Interaction 2019 in Daegu, Korea

Kerstin Fischer, Malte Jung, Lars C. Jensen and Maria V. aus der Wieschen present "Emotional Expression by Robots: When and Why" at the International Conference on Human-Robot Interaction in Daegu, Korea (acceptance rate 24%).

Lars Christian Jensen delivers a speech at the 2019 HRI workshop on "Bodily Human Robot Interaction" in Daegu, Korea.

Master student Kristina Langwadt carries out an experiment (under the supervision of Lars C. Jensen),  in which she investigates learning effects of using robots when teaching computational thinking to primary school students.

February 2019 

Kerstin Fischer investigates "Anthropomorphism in human-robot interaction" from February to April 2019 in Stanford, California. This study visit is supported by Carlsberg Foundation.

January 2019

Rosalyn Melissa Langedijk visits Eindhoven University of Technology from January to February 2019. In Eindhoven, she conducts "Human-Robot Interaction Experiments on Persuasion" together with  Jaap Ham (Associate Professor at the Human Technology Interaction group at the Department of Industrial Engineering & Innovation Sciences). 

December 2019

Lars Christian Jensen gives a talk on "Latex for conversation analysts" at the EMCA bootcamp.

Lars Christian Jensen, Rosalyn Langedijk and Kerstin Fischer carry out human-robot interaction experiments at the LivingLab in Sønderborg.

November 2018

Kerstin Fischer receives a travel grant from the Carlsberg Foundation to visit Stanford University in Spring 2019 to develop an approach to anthropomorphism in collaboration with Herbert H. Clark.  

Lars Christian Jensen defends his PhD thesis "Effects of Contingent Robot Response to the Situatedness of Human-Robot Interactions".  

Kerstin Fischer participates as the theory and methods theme chair at the Program Committee Meeting of the Human-Robot Interaction Conference.

September 2018

Kerstin Fischer presents a talk on "Will we ever be comfortable around robots" at the Multikulturhuset Sønderborg

Kerstin Fischer, Nathalie Schümchen, Oliver Niebuhr, Lars Christian Jensen and Maria Alm present posters on "Using robots to study speech", "Teaching the articulation of German vowels" and  "Danish question intonation" in the framework of the DIMA workshop in Sønderborg.

Kerstin Fischer participates in a workshop on Socially Intelligent Robotics at the University of Sevilla.

July 2018

Kerstin Fischer presents "Mit Robotern sprechen" at the University of Kiel. A video of this presentation can be found at the homepage of the Ringvorlesung des Forschungszentrums: Arealität und Sozialität der Sprache.

Kerstin Fischer presents a talk on robots as marketing tools at the Workshop on Szenarien der Markenführung im digitalen Zeitalter at the University of Hamburg.

June 2018

The panel proposal What Influences Influence: What makes utterances persuasive? was accepted for the 16th Conference of the International Pragmatics Association in Hong Kong 2019. The panel will be co-organized by Kerstin Fischer, Oliver Niebuhr, Jaap Ham (TU Eindhoven) and Annette Leßmöllmann (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology).

May 2018

Kerstin Fischer, Lars C. Jensen and Rosalyn Langedijk carry out a first set of Experiments on persuasive dialog in a LivingLab scenario.

April 2018

In the framework of Forskningsdøgn, Kerstin Fischer gives a talk on Getting into the Heads of People Using Robots to students of the Sonderborg Staatskole.

Maria aus der Wieschen presents A Social Media Approach to Increasing Intercultural Competence in the Border Region to students of the Business College Syd.

In cooperation with Jacob Nielsen, Kerstin Fischer supervises Bente Weigelin during Experiments on kinesthetic guidance in a therapeutic human-robot interaction scenario

Aarhus Master student Anna Kryvous joins the lab to carry out experiments in cooperation with Lars C. Jensen and Kerstin Fischer, in which she investigates the effects of the use of figurative language on HRI.

March 2018

Kerstin Fischer presents the paper When ‘transparent’ does not mean ‘explainable’ at the Workshop on Explainable Robotic Systems in the framework of the HRI’2018 Conference in Chicago and visits Stanford University afterwards for six weeks to collaborate with Herbert H. Clark, Yoshiko Matsumoto and others on Robots as social actors and The use of robots for pragmatics research.

February 2018

In collaboration with Johanna Seibt (Aarhus) and Norbert Krüger (Odense), Kerstin Fischer organizes a workshop on Integrative Social Robotics Hands-on and presents a talk on Why Collaborative Robots Must Be Social (and even Emotional) Actors at the Robophilosophy Conference in Vienna.

Master student Nadine Petersen carries out experiments in cooperation with Lars C. Jensen and Kerstin Fischer to study The effects of situation awareness on robot persuasion.

January 2018

PhD student Rosalyn Langedijk starts on her PhD position in the framework of the SMOOTH project.

December 2017

Kerstin Fischer presents a talk on Using Robots to Study Interaction at the EMCA PhD Bootcamp in Middlefaart.

Lars C. Jensen holds a tutorial on Using LaTeX for transcription at the EMCA PhD Bootcamp in Middlefaart.

May 2017

Kerstin Fischer, Lars C. Jensen, Oliver Niebuhr and the team carry out experiments on the persuasive effects of charismatic speech.

April 2017

Kerstin visits Stanford to work with Herbert H. Clarck on How robots become social actors.

March 2017

Kerstin presents a poster at Human-Robot Interaction (HRI) conference in Vienna, Austria.

November 2016

Lars visited the Intelligent and Interactive Systems group at the University of Innsbruck to setup and carry out joint experiments in the third hand project.

October 2016

Lars visited the Multibody & Mechanics group at  Vrije Universiteit Brussel to setup and carry out joint experiments.

Kerstin Fischer and Lars Christian Jensen each gave a talk at Robophilosophy at Aarhus University.

June 2016

Franziska Kirstein from Blue Ocean Robotics presents the HRI-Lab Sønderborg at Robobusiness Europe.

Kerstin Fischer is giving a talk at the UK Robotics week at Plymouth University

May 2016

We now have two Pleos in the lab!


Demonstration video of the EZ-Robot with the iCub tutor spotter.

March 2016

Kerstin Fischer gave a talk with Franziska Kirstein at the Human-Robot Interaction Conference in Christchurch, NZ on Types of robot control for programming by demonstration.

Ph.D. student Lars Christian Jensen was on Danish radio P4 and P1 to talk about the project Improving Second Language Pedagogy at the Prosody-Grammar-Pragmatics Interface Using Human-Robot Interaction.

January 2016

Kerstin Fischer and Lars Christian Jensen each gave a video talk at a public IRCA(Innovation  Research Cluster Alsion) event. Kerstin talks about the kind of work we do at the HRI-Lab. Lars talked about a study we carried out the lab using our two keepon robots.