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FOKUS is a group of experts in German, English, Danish and Chinese. The group provides high quality language competences in oral, written and electronic communication and new insights, impulses and methodologies to language teaching.
FOKUS also helps develop terminology and knowledge databases to ensure consistent and effective communication and reporting.
FOKUS is for individuals, institutions and companies; both for you who work in the field of language teaching and for you who use foreign languages professionally.

FOKUS offers language courses in Danish, German, English and Chinese based on most recent research on language acquisition,
intercultural communication and technical terminology. Furthermore, the teaching makes use of new technologies and games.
FOKUS offers support to people working within the field of oral, written or electronic communication and facilitates the development
of multilingual terminological and knowledge databases either separately or as an integrated part of teaching and counselling.

FOKUS  is based at SDU Sønderborg, Alsion 2.

Anette Hinge
Phone: 5215 9418 

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