Maria Alm

The postdoc in the project is Maria Alm, who received her PhD from the University of Lund in 2007. Her PhD thesis presents a complete analysis of a German particle in different syntactic positions, in particular, in the pre-frontal and middle field of the sentence, and their prosodic realisation in interaction. From 2008 to 2010 she taught German linguistics at the University of Hanover, where she concentrated on deepening and broadening her competence in descriptive syntax and intensified her studies at the grammar- interaction interface. From 2010 to 2011 she taught German syntax and Swedish for exchange students at the University of Linköping. She thus combines descriptive syntax, prosodic analysis and interactional approaches in her work. Her tasks in the project are the detailed analysis of selected interactional phenomena, identifying the sequential and situational factors involved in the usage of the interactional structures considered in various corpora of spoken language interaction in several languages (German, Swedish, English), and the development of descriptive models accounting for grammatical generalisation, the relationship between prosody and syntactic position, and sequential organisation. 


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