Kerstin Fischer

The team is led by Kerstin Fischer (University of Southern Denmark, Sønder-borg). Kerstin received her PhD from Bielefeld University in 1998, after which she worked at the universities of Hamburg and Bremen. In 2007, she came to Sønderborg, initially as an associate professor for English Language and Linguistics, and more recently as a professor (MSO) for Language and Technology Interaction. Kerstin also leads the project Improving Language Pedagogy at the Prosody-Pragmatics Interface using Human-Robot Interaction, funded by the Danish Council for Independent Research. Furthermore, she led the Danish part of the EU-funded project ITALK, which explored construction grammar for the design of input for automatic language learning in human-robot interaction, and she organized a scientific network on construction grammar, funded by the German research foundation, for five years and applied construction grammar to the description of discourse and modal particles. Besides supervising the project, she contributes to the development of the theoretical model proposed. Kerstin also maintains a private homepage.

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