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Description of the Chinese programme at SDU Sønderborg

In very short time, China has become the world’s second-largest economy. Today, the country is not only a superpower in industrial development, but also in science, space engineering, and many other fields. China’s political role has grown immensely, and with more than a billion inhabitants China is an important partner in inter-state trading with European businesses.

Taking this growing importance of China in the world into full account, SDU has established the program BA in Business, Language and Culture (Chinese) at its Sønderborg Campus in 2007. In the course of the BA study (4 years including one year in China), students acquire relevant qualifications in business economics in combination with Chinese language, culture, and social studies. Since 2011, students also have the possibility to take up the MA in Business, Language and Culture (Chinese) (2 years) right after their Bachelor.

Link to the BA programme.

Link to the MA programme.

As far as the Chinese language education is concerned, students usually start from scratch. However, there also exists the possibility to get exempted from Chinese language classes in the first year. Since SDU’s Sønderborg campus is an international campus with a large degree of foreign teachers and students, the language of instruction is basically English. With its international student life, the campus also attracted a high number of Chinese students, what has of course positive implications for the working environment of the Chinese programme.

The programme has close cooperation with its two partner universities in China, i.e. Beijing Foreign Studies University in Beijing and Donghua University in Shanghai. Every year, Beijing Foreign Studies University sends a Chinese teacher to SDU Sønderborg. During the third year of their BA study, students are sent to one of the two universities (MA students are welcome to come here during their 3rd term). During their China year (travel and tuition fees are paid by SDU), BA students do not only get more training in Language Proficiency, but also have the opportunity to learn more about Chinese society and economy, all in Chinese language. An internship in a Chinese company is possible at the end of the year. Students will approximately learn 2000-2500 Chinese characters during their BA study what enables them to read easy newspaper articles. During the MA study, students also learn to cope with more difficult Newspaper and academic language.

In 2013, the teachers of the BA & MA in Business, Language and Culture (Chinese) established the research program “The Power of Knowledge – China in the World” which focuses on the impacts of the adoption and appropriation of Western concepts and theories in China and Greater China. One of the research programme’s purposes is to facilitate a stronger intra-action and scholarly synergy among the research staffs and promote a robust research profile in the field of China Studies at the Sønderborg campus. External members of the programme include scholars from Denmark, Norway, Sweden, China, Taiwan, and the UK.

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