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International Business Communication


BA in International Business Communication 

We have offered BA in international business communication in Kolding and Sønderborg for many years.

Students have the following specialization opportunities:

  • Two foreign languages: English and German (Kolding)
  • English and it & web communication (Kolding)
  • German and it & web communication (Kolding
  • Modern languages and intercultural communication (Sønderborg)

This study programme is designed for students who have a keen interest in studying one or two foreign languages and who want a future job involving communication in Danish and one or two foreign languages.

Focus is on enabling students to plan, develop and solve communication activities in a business context. In Kolding students will work with examples from Danish and foreign design organisations.

New study programme in Kolding - 2012

As of 2012 the study programme was redesigned. Each semester focuses on one theme.

Semester 1: Introduction

Semester 2: Internal communication

Semesters 3 and 4: External communication

Semester 5: Intercultural and LSP communication

Semester 6: LSP communication