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Who We Are

Principle researcher:
Danielle Wilde . Associate Professor of Embodied Design, SDU Design and Communication, Kolding campus. Wilde directs SDU's [body | bio] SOFT Lab


The team:

  • Caroline Guinita Abel, student researcher, Design and Communication (ITPD)
  • Anna Lena Hupe, student researcher, Economics & Business Admin. (Strategy & Organization)
  • Solvejg Kjærsgaard Longueval, student researcher, Design and Communication (ITPD)
  • Sarah Trahan   Artist, Designer and  Design Researcher
  • Madj Daaraj and Corey McLaughlin, research assistants, Design and Communication (ITPD)
  • Kathrine Sekkelund Munk, student researcher (for the pilot study)  


Contact us:

More on Wilde's research, see:    


Last Updated 15.11.2020