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Culture dissemination

Culture dissemination within library and information science refers to the special combination of communication, information and learning through active participation that takes place under the auspices of public cultural institutions. The research in culture dissemination at IDK includes current as well as comparative studies of activities. Studies of the above activities are put in relation to
  • the cultural institutions' use of document and / or media forms and how changes to these affect the institution's cultural work (e.g. studies of digital media and how they influence culture dissemination);
  • the actual or intended target groups at individual, group or community level (e.g. user studies in relation to domain)

the library staff's performance of tasks within different ideological, technological and / or pragmatic horizons of expectations (e.g. sociological studies of the library's position and role in society) The research includes theory and method development, as well as the design of various types of practice with a special focus on interaction between the audience, producers of knowledge, art and culture and library staff. An important point in this connection is that these are informal processes. Culture dissemination is regarded as part of the individual's right to democratic co-determination and co-creation of the societal conditions applying to the individual and to the community.

Information studies

Information studies include research into the creation, use and evaluation of information systems, with many different users intended: researchers, professionals or lay people.

  • Within this theme, we analyze the scientific communication system, primarily using the following three domain analytical approaches:

  • Production and evaluation of professional classification systems and thesauri
  • Indexing and retrieving information within defined areas
  • Conducting and evaluating bibliometric domain studies

Information studies cover scientific communication and thus also include the Internet, online reference works, public library activities and the use of information by lay people.

In addition, we work within the research theme with method development - again especially using the three above-mentioned domain analytical approaches. We contribute in relation to developing new ways of analyzing and understanding professional knowledge-organizing systems, indexing and retrieval as well as bibliometric indicators.

Department of Design and Communication

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