Activities held by LDD at the University of Southern Denmark

The research program adjourns every third Wednesday. In addition, a couple of seminars and workshops with invited guests speakers are held every year. As a rule, these seminars and workshops are open for everyone.

Activities held by LDD outside the University of Southern Denmark

Once a year, a research meeting is held with external guest speakers and partners at an external conference centre.

Activities held by other parties with attendance of members of LDD

  • Participation in the 6th International Conference on Computer Supported Education, Barcelona, 1.-3. april, 2014
  • Participation in the 9th International Conference on Networked Learning, Edinburgh, UK, 7.-9. april 2014 
  • Participation in the Danish Network for Educational Development in Higher Education Conference, Svendborg, 5.-6. april 2014
  • Participation in the Designs for Learning Conference, Stockholm, Sverige, 7.-9. maj 2014
  • Participation in the conference On the Definition of Learning, Odense, 28.-29. August 2014