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The Kolding Design Culture Seminars

The Kolding Design Culture Seminars

Arranged by Guy Julier & the research program in Design Culture, SDU Kolding

The seminars provide an opportunity for advanced academic discussion of contemporary design culture issues. They aim to extend debate on dynamic role of design in cultural, economic, political and social processes of change. Each seminar takes a specific theme and features internationally recognized panel speakers as well as ample time for plenary debate. Their scope is resolutely focused on current issues, drawing in global instances while applying understanding to more local realities. It is intended that while these seminars reflect on and analyse everyday realities, they will also produce new knowledge, theories and strategies for future development.

18-19 September 2014 Design Culture: object, discipline and practice. International Conference (Julier et al.). 

26 May Changing Aesthetics. Design Activism and sustainability (Julier &   Skou)

23 January  The Design Museum in the 21th Century (Julier, Folkmann & Michaëlis)                     

21 November Dynamics of Fashion (Julier, Teilmann-Lock & Petersen)

23 May Perspectives on Design Citizenship (Julier & Munch)

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