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This research programme is part of the SDU Design-programme involving researchers at the SDU as well as the Kolding School of Design. We also participate in activities at the Center for Design, Culture and Management; a framework for the research cooperation between our department and the Kolding School of Design. Through this research programme we have established a formalized cooperation with “Design Museum Denmark” whose director, Anne-Louise Sommer, is a coadjutant professor at the Department of Design and Communication. A similar partnership has been established with the Trapholt Museum of Art. Finally, we are engaged in cooperation with the municipality of Kolding in order to examine the vision for the project: Kolding – We Design Life. 


Department of Design and Communication

  • Universitetsparken 1
  • Kolding - DK-6000
  • Phone: +45 6550 1340

Last Updated 26.04.2017