Counter-narratives in and around organizations

The aim of this program is to examine counter-narratives emerging in and around organizations related to change processes. Throughout the organizational literature there is a tendency to consider resistance as a hindrance or barrier to organizational changes which should be eliminated or reduced. Rather than considering resistance as a problem to be eliminated, we perceive resistance as a natural part of a successful organizational change process.

  The terms ´counter-narrative´ and `master narrative´ emerge from narrative related research within the field of culture studies where they have played a decisive role in studies within ethnicity, gender, sexuality and minority related problems. Counter-narratives are defined as “the stories which people tell and live which offer resistance, either implicitly or explicitly, to dominant cultural narratives” (Andrews, 2004: 1). In this project group we aim to implement this analytical approach known as `narrative inquiry´ in the organization and communication research area.

Centre for Narratological Studies


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