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Design Studies cover the cultural and historical understanding of design. The faculty members work on investigating all kinds of meaning in design; from the values encoded in the design objects by designers and manufacturers over the meanings added in various means of mediation, e.g. in commercials and exhibitions, to the meaning production in consumption. We look into the design business and at the cultural positions of design in the market place, in the media and in museums.

Design is a broad field covering physical products, graphic design, service design and immaterial design. Design can be seen in many scales ranging from logotypes and products over interior design and exhibitions to retail spaces and city design. Designers, companies and institutions designate design in various ways in order to promote specific qualities, but even quite anonymous objects can be studied as design in the perspective of understanding their meaning in consumption and everyday life.

We offer BA programs in Design Culture and Design Culture & Economics and a MA program in Design Studies.

We are a part of the MA program in Design Leadership in collaboration with the Department of Entrepreneurship and Relational Management and SDU, Kolding, and the Kolding School of Design.

We work with a theoretical and historical research in design, based in the humanities. We aim at creating analytical and theoretical knowledge to be a part of new design projects. In addition, we focus on all aspects of design mediation. We look at Danish and Scandinavian design from an international perspective.

We lead the research program ”Design Culture” where we look at design’s broader frame in relation to market, media and museums. Fashion is a new research topic in relation to this, both in terms of a specific field of objects of design, i.e. clothing, as part of consumer culture, and as a logic of change to be analyzed in many types of design. The research project "PH og Kulturarven" on the Danish designer Poul Henningsen (1894-1967) was carried out 2006-10.

Internationally, ”Design Culture” is evolving as a specific field of research. Visiting professor Guy Julier, 2013-2015, is a specialist in design culture and we arranged The Kolding Design Culture Seminars with participation of partners from Denmark and abroad in order to discuss design phenomena such as design cities, aesthetics and innovation, fashion, the design museum in the 21th century and sustainability. With its focus on design, the municipality of the City of Kolding  was partner.

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For more information about our MA Programme in Design Studies, please read here.

Department of Design and Communication
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