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Library Science and Knowledge Communication

Library Science and Knowledge Communication is a BA within the field of information science with an interdisciplinary and vocational view.

The core scientific areas of this education lie within the field of information science, culture studies, project management and knowledge processes in organizations and companies. Teaching in information science focuses on areas such as analysis and organization of information, web technologies and web design, information retrieval and information architecture. Teaching in culture studies centres on the library as a knowledge and cultural institution, media and media history, target groups and knowledge and taste cultures. Teaching in knowledge management includes project management, information technology in organizations, learning, knowledge sharing and service design.

This BA aims at educating information specialists, cultural facilitators and knowledge managers in libraries, cultural centres, public and private organizations and companies.

Knowledge communication is at the very centre of this BA. Knowledge communication is concerned with not only how to organize knowledge and pass it on to different target groups but also how knowledge is generated and shared with others.

Service design is also a central element of this BA and it is the object of one of our research and development programs. Services such as dissemination, guiding and knowledge sharing are to a considerable extent subject to design – both with the purpose of developing services and improving experience and understanding by the users. Within the area of research, we focus on how service design in an innovative manner can contribute to developing service in libraries, museums, public institutions and private companies.

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The area of research

Library- and communication studies