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Elite program


Are you one of the elite students in international business from SDU?

Do you aim at a career in one of the most internationalized Danish firms?
Do you want to develop capabilities to apply a high academic level for decision making in international business? 
Do you aim at writing a thesis of high relevance for practice?

We offer such opportunities through a program in international business in which only elite students participate.  We selects the top 20% of the 2016 cohort of 120 MSc. International Business students who may apply for internship and job offered by some of the most internationally oriented Danish firms. 
Selection of students is based on grades, a written application form, and a personal interview. We select elite students based on their analytical skills as well as their motivation and dedication to develop capabilities to apply a high academic level for decision making in international business settings. Selection will take place in February 2017.

It requires three steps to start your international career, and you only take one step at a time. If the student and the firm both choose to participate in all three steps, the student will be affiliated with the firm for two years. The first two steps during the first year will not imply costs for the firm because the student is financed by his/her SU. The third step will involve a one-year traineeship with full salary.

Step 1

The student solves a project task for the firm. The firm selects a topic for the first part of the internship (Autumn 2017).

Step 2

In the second part of the internship, the student writes his/her Master´s thesis in collaboration with the firm (Spring 2018).

Step 3

The firm and the student may agree on a one-year traineeship with full salary after the student’s completion of his/her MSc. education (2018-19).








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Last Updated 12.10.2021