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Launch of Health & Technology


A new cross-disciplinary network has been launched. Kristian Kidholm (CIMT/OUH) and Dorthe Brogård Kristensen (IVL/SDU) organized a workshop, where the participants in the new network – Health & Technology – presented their projects to each other, giving them the opportunity to examine the possibilities for interdisciplinary collaboration in the fields of health and social science.

Kristian Kidholm opened the workshop with a reminder of the context in which all healthcare questions are currently embedded: We are looking into a future where more and more people are getting older and need care. In other words, demographic development and the resources of the healthcare sector are pulling in different directions. And the thought of the next pandemic makes us shiver – we need to do something.

Fortunately, it is not all bad in every sector of the healthcare system. But for wards such as geriatrics, abdominal surgery, etc., where work takes place around the clock, the outlook is bleak. For Kristian Kidholm there is no doubt that a wider range of healthcare technologies is the solution for sustaining an acceptable standard within the healthcare area. The good news is that the citizens are ready to welcome digitalized telemedicine and robots – patients are generally not scared of technology in relation to treatment and care. The bad news is that it is extremely complex to equip healthcare organizations for an easy implementation of new technologies into their daily practices. And here Kristian Kidholm argues that researchers can make valuable contributions from a variety of viewpoints, which can help make the implementation process efficient and include employees as active actors in the process of change.

And there are many aspects which need to be considered to ensure future successful coexistence between technology and humans in the healthcare sector – the workshop program gave samples of some of them.


9.00-9.20: Welcome with Professor Kristian Kidholm CIMT/OUH, Professor Dannie Kjeldgaard IVL/SDU and Professor Dorthe Brogård Kristensen IVL/SDU.

9.20-9.35: Management and organisation of digital transformation – a comparative study in the pipeline
Associate Professor Marianne Harbo Frederiksen & Assistant Professor Eva Riis, IVL/ Centre for Integrative Innovation Management
Read more about the project ’Digital transformation’ 

9.35-9.50: Work and workarounds in the development and implementation of technologies in a clinical department
Postdoc Kathrine Rayce, CIMT/OUH & IVL Research Unit Consumption, Culture and Commerce/SDU
Read more about the project ’Digital Vision

9.50-10.05: Digital pathology – a study of the personal and their expectations to the digitalization of work tasks
PhD Student Minne Nedergaard Mikkelsen and Professor Kristian Kidholm, CIMT/OUH
Read more about the PhD project ’Assessment of qualifications and consequences in relation to the implementation of digital pathology 

10.20-10.35: AI, automatization and job satisfaction at hospitals
Assistant Professor, Elena Shulzhenko, IVL Research Unit Management of People

10.35-10.50: Artificial Intelligence as a decision-making tool in the screening for breast cancer – a qualitative study
Associate professor Perle Møhl, IVL/SDU Research Unit Consumption, Culture and Commerce
Read more about the project Artificial Intelligence in breast cancer screening - a qualitative analysis 

10.50-11.05: Danish multidisciplinary team conferences in practice – an anthropological study of cross-disciplinary decision practices concerning the treatment of Danish cancer patients
PhD Student Henriette List, Department of Radiology, OUH & IVL Research Unit Consumption, Culture and Commerce
Read more about the project ’Decision processes concerning cancer treatment in the Danish healthcare sector


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