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Health, consumption, and markets

Workshop at Université de Lille

‘Health, consumption, and markets’ (Santé, consommation et marchés): Søren Askegaard IVL/SDU participated in a Roundtable with the title ‘Innovation of the concept of health and definition of tools’.

In both France and many other countries, the effects of market and managerial thinking in the healthcare area have been described thoroughly by healthcare professionals, journalists, researchers, and patients in the last few years.

In this workshop the participants will consider various forms of pressure that the healthcare system is influenced by today because of marketization: economic rationality, implementation of technology and digitalization, focus on scalation and quantity rather than human quality, and political and democratic demand for efficiency.

From a cross-disciplinary perspective, they aim to study the ways in which social relations in the healthcare sector are structured by practices and conventions that stem from the management and business area.


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