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PhD project: Colorectal cancer screening: Patient Pathways (CoPPa)

The project uses the concept of "health capital" to uncover and analyze these factors. Health capital refers to the resources that a citizen has available in reality or potentially to understand, navigate and make decisions about health services (both public and private). These resources can be social (friends and family, (un)official patient organizations, etc.), lifestyle and economy-based (diet, exercise, smoking, economy for self-care, etc.) or cultural (education, interest in/understanding of the body and health, communicative skills, experiences with the health care system, relation to competing health expert systems, etc.).

Through a qualitative study, the project identifies which factors are most decisive for non-participation in colorectal cancer screenings. Then the specific meaning of these factors is determined through a quantitative analysis. In this way, the project provides an opportunity to improve the (communication) efforts towards non-participants in screening programs, as well as to validate health capital as an analytical tool for behavior analysis.




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Last Updated 20.03.2023