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Project: User Diversity in Health Information Systems (HISs)

User diversity is one of the major challenges for the effective use of HISs. However, the use of a newly developed concept of 'health capital' looks promising in terms of highlighting the construction of individual health in general and the interaction with users of HISs in particular.

Based on Bourdieu's theory of capital, we have developed 'health capital' as an umbrella term for the current or potential resources that equip a given actor with competencies in relation to influencing their position in the social field of health. This conceptualization has challenged the traditional Foucauldian perspective and is already changing the academic debate on health. With the concept of health capital, one can reflect on how economic, social, and cultural resources affect user interactions with and through HISs. This project is aimed at developing and operationalizing health capital as both an analytical framework and a concrete tool for studying user diversity in HISs.

  • Anna Schneider-Kamp, Associate Professor, Department of Business & Management, SDU
    Read more about Anna Schneider-Kamp here
  • Kathleen Gray, Professor, Centre for the Digital Transformation of Health, University of Melbourne


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Last Updated 20.03.2023