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Management and innovation

Implementation of digital technologies often both changes the nature of work and influences the identity of the organization, the work culture, and image, and digitalization can also become important for the services, and thereby the value, it offers.

Therefore, the implementation of digital technology requires consideration of those changes and of how such a transformation influences the internal relations of the organization, for instance with regard to operation, resources, competencies and the opportunity and motivation for innovation.

These changes call for managerial attention to the opportunities and barriers for implementation and scaling of digital solutions and require both strategic, managerial, and structural consideration and efforts. The extent of these considerations and efforts is often of such a scale that the transformation rarely happens in connection with the daily management and operation of the organization. This means that digital transformation, can best be organized as a program or independent project that is included in the portfolio of projects in the organization.


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Last Updated 20.03.2023