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General advice on DBM supervision

The thesis is a research project concluding a student’s education and it constitutes a unique opportunity to explore a problem that the student finds relevant and interesting.

The students are expected to take responsibility for their project/thesis whereas the role of supervisor is to guide and advise the students in this process. As a consequence, it is the student’s responsibility to clarify expectations for supervision together with the supervisor. A useful resource in this respect can be found in the document “Use Your Master’s Thesis Supervisor” available on the webpage for cand. merc. Master theses:

Beyond these general rules, we have the following general expectations for supervision at DBM:

  • The goal of supervision is for students and supervisors to jointly discuss the project/thesis, providing the student with input allowing them to develop their work in the best way, both academically and practically.
  • In order to support this process, the supervisor will not provide answers to all questions, but instead provide general advice helping the student in their decision making.
  • For some studies, a specific number of supervision hours has been defined, which encompasses individual and group meetings as well as the time spent by the supervisor in preparing the supervision meetings or reading sections of the students’ text.
  • It is expected that students take on a proactive role in the supervision by preparing the issues that needs to be discussed for each session.
In the next sections, we provide additional details on selected parts of the thesis and where to find inspiration.

Last Updated 07.06.2022