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Discussion and write-up of results


  • Students should reflect upon their findings and identify which new learnings can be gained from this project.
  • Such reflection can be considered a part of all section, but should be explicitly stated in this part.
  • At this stage of the thesis, students can best use their supervisors’ support by discussing their interpretations with them.
  • While supervisors do not offer a close reading and/or evaluation of the thesis text, they may read specific sections and provide feedback. The format of this feedback should be discussed between students and supervisor early on in the supervision process, in order to adjust mutual expectations.

Courses that train students for this part

In principle, formulating an argument, discussing insights and writing up a paper should have been practiced in most courses of students’ curriculum

  • Examples of courses from some Cand. Merc. profiles that have trained the students in those skills:
    • Organization of Innovation (term paper),
    • Corporate Strategy and Organization Design,
    • Business Strategy,
    • Business Development
    • Market Ethnography
    • Issues of Global Development


    General advice & answers to FAQ

    Students should reflect on the following questions:

  • What are the most relevant learnings emerging from the data?
  • How does the data add to existing knowledge and research about the subject explored in this project?
  • Which recommendations can this thesis formulate for business practice?
  • What are the limitations of this study and how could additional insights be generated?

Last Updated 08.02.2021